Which is Exactly Why I Created The Hot & Healthy Life Fitness Program

An online community for busy moms who want to get fit, be healthy, and stay consistent with exercise. Despite their crazy mom life. 

  • 5 New Workouts Monthly (With Video Instruction) to help burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve your sanity
  • Nutrition guidelines to help you look better naked
  • Exclusive membership site with hundreds of searchable workouts and recipes
  • Monthly Workout Calendar telling you exactly what to do each day. 
  • Zero Restriction. Zero Bullshit 
Hi I'm Heather, mom of 2 little ones, and my goal is to help you get and stay consistent with exercise despite your crazy mom life. Just ask the 400 moms who just finished the #MetconsForMoms Workout Challenge

Remember when you used to be able to go to the gym for a 60 minute workout like 5 times a week!?  

Man those were the days right?  

Now it seems as though its going to take a small miracle to make that shit happen. 

Mom life = busy AF and it seems the first casualty of being busy is missing out on a workout. 

Because who honestly has time for a 60 minute class anymore?  

Not me.  

Not most of my clients.  

And HONESTLY, unless you’re training for something highly specific, you don’t need to workout for 60 minutes. 

You just don’t! 

You can get a killer workout in 20 minutes or less. 

Just ask all the participants of my #MetconsForMoms workout challenge. In 10 minutes they were sweating, burning, and love hating the workouts. 

If you want to get strong, look better naked, have access to a nutrition coach that is actually sensible (Hello, I love cookies too), you're in the right place. 

Don’t let your busy life get in the way of your workouts and making your health a priority. 

Cancel Anytime

#1 Your Workout Program

"Heather's entire program is accessbile, challengeing yet doable (I now own a barbell ya'll) realistic, an interesting. I know I'm well on my way to being the fit mama I need to be to keep up with my family!"

-Susannah, Nurse & Mom of 2 littles

Every month you get new workouts. 

5 of them to be exact. 

My workouts are a mix of cardio and strength that will leave you feeling strong, fit, and accomplished....

Without spending hours at the gym. 

  • Each Workout contains video instructions you can follow along with 
  • The Workouts can be done at home or the gym 
  • If you have troubles with the exercises you can post in our private Facebook group for guidance
  • Workouts range from 10-35 Minutes (average workout is approx 15 minutes)
  • Access a library of over 100 workouts if you're not feeling what I've prescribed for the day.

#2 New Dinner Guides Monthly

"My kid has grow to love healthy food with me. He said the sweet potato fries and chicken nuggests are a go...carrots he said he will eat but still hates. 2 years ago...wouldnt touch anything but mcdonalds." 


Tired of eating the SAME foods each week?

Every month I deliver a fresh batch of dinner guides written speifically for my clients plus some additional breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas.

The dinner menus come complete with meal prep instructions to prep everything at once (if you choose)

Dinner Guides Include 

  • Shopping Lists
  • Sunday Meal Prep Instructions
  • Individual Recipes

Plus you'll get access to the hundreds of recipes I've already written.

#3-Private Member Only Website 

"This member portal is going to make my life so much easier! I love the idea of being able to search for past workouts and my favorite recipes!" 


Dig organization? You're going to love this. 

As a Hot & Healthy Life Member you'll have access to: 

Past workouts: 100 workouts organized by style of workout and approx workout time (10 min, 15, min, kettlebell, dumbbell, etc)

Past Recipes & Meal Planning Instructions

A library of nutrition education on topics like: sustainable weight loss, tackling cravings, macronutrients, and more.  

#4-Nutrition Coaching Library

You'll take control of your weight and your confidence I'll be there support you with 

  • A Quick Start Nutrition Guide: The quick start guide is designed to give you some basic guidelines so that you feel empowered to make educated food choices right away  
  • Nutrition Coaching Video Library: A library of nutrition education on topics like: sustainable weight loss, tackling cravings, macronutrients, and more. Struggling with something? Let me know and I'll point you to a video for that.  
  • 1 Exclusive Educational Nutrition Post Weekly: Want something you can read vs watch? Cool, each week I have 1 new post (think blog, but within the facebook group). I bring my no-nonsense approach to cut through the latest BS and give you practical fitness and nutrition advice.  
  • Monthly Q&A With Heather: Each Month I hop on Facebook live to answer any and all questions you guys are having. From fitness modifications and food suggestions to sex and relationship advice. We seriously talk about everything in this group.  


#5-Support From Other Hot & Healthy Life Women

Do you ever feel like you’re the ONLY ONE struggling to keep your shit together?  

Not anymore!  

You will be a member of a tight-knit community of women who are serious about getting their workout in no matter how crazy their schedule gets  


Considering One Personal Training Session Costs upwards of $100...

This is a no-brainer!

 If we were working together 1-1 each month the cost would be close to $300/month for this much information. 

When you take into account the monthly workouts, ongoing group support, coaching and nutritional guidance--you're getting every tool you need to be successful long-term


Registration closes Friday March 30th

Hundreds of women over 4 years can't be wrong

Who is this program for?

  • A Mom who needs short, intense workouts that fit into crazy schedule
  • The busy mom who feels like she is an "all or nothing" person
  • That mom who is always waiting for the perfect time to workout while missing tons of opportunites to get a quick workout in
  • A mom who wants to get strong and look better naked
  • A busy mom who wants to be healthier and lose weight but doesn't know where to start
  • A busy mom who wants to get more consistent with nutrition, exercise, or both 
  • A busy mom who is wondering why her willpower sucks and she can't seem to follow through with eating healthy. 
  • A busy mom who wants a fitness trainer and certified nutrition coach by her side
  • A busy mom who is so over thinking about what’s for dinner.  

I'm a Busy Mom JUST Like You

Hey there! I'm Heather and I love swearing, Pink Drinks, Crossfit and dogs. I'm also a fitness trainer and nutrition coach who has spent the several years coaching hundreds of moms like you that are overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS.  

Eating healthy, Exercising, not swearing at your children.

That shit is hard.  

Let me make it easier on you.  

Boring nutrition advice isn't my thing. I rarely have time for long-ass workouts and on Sunday’s you’ll find me having a donut with my coffee 

I'm a fitness coach that gets that you are a real human who is going to eat a cookie once in awhile.

You're a mom who doesn’t have lots of time to workout but still wants to workout intensely 

A mom that needs a guide to help you make YOUR health and fitness a priority for once.  

I love that Heather focuses on small, manageable changes you can implement over time to make a big impact on your life. I love the mantra of progress, not perfection. I love the focus on celebrating wins, and learning to give yourself and others grace. I have even learned to love burpees (really!).  

I joined Hot and Healthy to get myself into a workout routine after having my first child, but I stayed for everything else the program includes: life-changing coaching, yummy, healthy dinner menus, and amazing camaraderie with other mamas just trying to make it work. I can’t say enough about what Hot and Healthy Life has done for me. -Kimberley I

I will be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for the Hot and Healthy Life Fitness Challenge, but after day one, there was no looking back.  

 I love the challenge, the community, the feeling of accomplishment - but most important I love me and who I have become. I feel better than I ever have, I am stronger, I believe in myself, I have both fitness and nutrition goals, I work towards progress not perfection, I eat protein EVERY morning for breakfast, I celebrate wins, I work out 4 days a week, I plan my day out the night before and have learned the importance of habit building, I have muscles, I have been diet pepsi free for 2.5 years, I completed a half marathon, I plan and prep my meals weekly,  

I have lost weight, my family eats healthier, but most important, I belong to an AMAZING accountability group that helps support me through this life journey (and I couldn’t do it without them).  

Amy T. 

You would think running round after my little girl gang would whip me right back into shape. If only it were that simple! had two babies in under two years, work full time and am in my late 30's All of that translates int slower to "bounceback", exhausted and short on time. 

Enter Heather Osby and her fabulous fitness coaching program. She gets it and she has a potty mouth, we instantly clicked. I sought her out speciically for her knowledge in post-partum fitness and stayed because the entire program is accessible (hello video workoutsand home or the gym), challenging yet doable (I now own a barbell ya'all!), realistic (workouts are 30 min or less!), interesting (different workouts monthly and fun challenges), tasty (a week's worth of make ahead recipes, so easy!) and supportive this group of ladies are the best group of cheerleaders a gal could have). 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heather and this program to anyone looking to kickstart, restart, or maintain their fitness goals. I know I am well on my way to being the fit mama I need to be to keep up with my family! Thank you Heather!

Susannah L  

I started working with Heather in May of 2015 not knowing what to think about it but knew I needed a change in my life. I had nothing to lose (well, actually, 30lbs) and everything to gain. That moment of my life has changed my future.  

While I still have plenty left to lose before I reach my ultimate goal of weight loss, I have gained so much more than just the desire to be “skinny”! I am much more physically fit. I can do burpees without wanting to vomit (although the mere sound of them still makes me a little ill!) I know what a dead-lift is, and I’m all around a better mom, wife and me. I’ve gotten off track a time or 4 and the group is right there to help me, lead me back in and get me back on track and I love that, because after all it’s all about “Progress, not perfection!”



  • Short, Intense Workouts
  • Realistic Nutrition Advice
  • Support & accountability from a private community