Nutrition Reset

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Get a copy of my bullshit-free workbook that will guide you through (and tell you when to tune in this week to see...) my free nutrition workshop. 

This Facebook video series you'll get 5 Tools to Unlearn Your Old Yo-Yo Dieting Ways and Implement Simple and Sane Strategies that Actually Work for Long-term Eating Success.


Great question! 

It's taken years for your attitude about food to get this f*cked up. 

We can't undo all of that in 5 days. 

What we can do, is focus on one small thing each day that you have the power to change immediately. Implement each of those in your life and chances are you won't be feeling quite so f*cked up. 

The bullshit-free workbook features bonus coaching that won't be in the videos, journaling questions, and 2 sweary coloring sheets for you to take out your frustration out on. 

This workbook is ONLY for people who are actually going to do something with it. 

DO NOT download it unless you're serious about unf*cking your diet. 

I'm going to give 110% of myself to the women going through this week of coaching with me. I cannot have anyone signed up who isn't massively ready to: 

(A.) Do Some Work or, (B.) Have some fun

This workshop will take place on the Hot & Healthy Life Facebook Page. 

Specific times I'll be on live coaching will come via email! (You'll get that when you sign up!)

“Friend, You're not F*cked up. Your Approach to Nutrition Is. Let's Change that” -Me 

A Word From The Author

Hi. I'm Heather and I love swearing.

I'm also a fitness trainer and nutrition coach who has spent the several years coaching hundreds of moms like you that are overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS. Eating healthy, exercising, not swearing at your children. That shit is hard. Let me make it easier on you. 

Boring nutrition advice isn't my thing. Complicated recipes your family won't eat?... No thanks. 

I'm a fitness coach that gets that you are a real human who is going to eat a cookie once in awhile. It's just food. Let's unlearn the overcomplicated crap that isn't even working for you and learn some SIMPLE sustainable shit that is going to work long-term.